Visions of Pain Countdown Teaser One

Visions of Pain, the first in my NA serial, Capissian Order, releases on Friday (10/27).  I’m super excited about the release. I celebrating I’ll be posting teasers all week.

Today’s teaser is right after Cal helped Rylee create mental shields to block her psychometry power.


Cal withdrew from my mind and we were back in the apartment’s living room. He smiled at me, both his hands framing my face. Before I realized what I was doing, I lifted my hands to cover his. A flash lit up his brown eyes right before they lowered to my lips.

My heart froze for a moment before pounding in my ears. What would it feel like to kiss him? Especially since my gift was locked away. I leaned in a fraction of an inch.

The sound of the kitchen door opening broke whatever trance or moment we shared. My cheeks heated and I sat back into the sofa just as Tyler and Drew came in with bags of fast food in their arms.

Cal jerked to a stand and left the room. My gaze followed him as he disappeared down the hallway.

“What’s going on?”